Access Prep Week

Access Prep is a multi-day seminar held the week before classes begin in the fall. The goal of the daily seminars is to prepare students to enter into the college setting. Each day will have opportunities to build a supportive community with other students; with specific activities on academic skill building, getting organized for the fall semester, discussing personal challenges and concerns, and smart goal setting for the start of the year!

Academic Coaching

Students are assigned to work one-on-one with a full-time Access Coach an average of twice per week throughout the semester. The purpose of the coaching sessions is to aid students in their transition to college, and to help students build self management skills. This is accomplished by assisting students with goal-setting, study strategy techniques, helping with time management and organizational skills, and helping students to hold themselves accountable for their learning. During these meetings, each student has a chance to work on individual goals and day to day problem solving.

Primarily, Access Coaches work closely with the faculty in order to closely monitor the student’s progress and tailor the support necessary for each class.  Students can elect to notify faculty members that they are participating in the Access Program, and faculty are asked to contact the Access coach with any concerns or feedback regarding the student’s performance.

Additionally, Access Coaches are  in close contact with the Academic Success Center to help establish tutoring appointments for students who need ongoing one-on-one support, or drop-in tutoring through the math lab, learning lab, or writing lab.

Access Coaches frequently connect students with the counseling services that are available on campus; and, they also work closely with the Residence Life staff to support and advocate for our students outside of the classroom. On occasion, the Access Coordinator and Coach can be requested to participate in academic and residence life meetings when necessary.

Academic Advising

The Access Coach is also assigned to be the student’s academic advisor. This is beneficial for the student, as the Coach is knowledgeable about the student’s strengths and limitations and will take this into consideration when recommending courses each semester. The Coach’s goal is to help the student make progress toward degree requirements while maintaining a manageable and well-balanced course load each semester.

Access Study Tables

During Study Tables, Access students will have time to follow through on their organizational and academic goals alongside their peers and Access Coach. Whether it’s time to study for an exam, brainstorm essay topics, organize a bag or binder, or collaborate for a group project, Study Tables provide Access students with focused, scheduled opportunities to work. Additionally, Study Tables encourage the use of tutoring services.

Collaboration with Campus Resources

The mission of Lincoln College is to uniquely empower students to realize their full potential. To that end, the campus provides a very nurturing and supportive environment which allows Access Program members and staff to easily communicate and collaborate with all of the support programs that are available to our students, such as faculty members, tutors, counselors, and residence life staff.

Contact with Parents

To encourage independence while maintaining accountability, the Access Coach will provide an electronic update every other week via encrypted email. These emails will provide information on the student’s academic progress, class attendance, and use of tutoring services. Outside of the scheduled updates, the Access Coordinator is also available at any time to help parents navigate the Lincoln College system so that their questions and concerns are addressed.

With the support of the Access program and the additional campus resources at Lincoln College, students who may have previously thought that earning a college degree was unattainable have been able to successfully complete their Associate’s and Bachelor’s Degrees.

We hope you are the next success story of Lincoln College!

“The Access program made it possible for our son to succeed in college. He needed the support of a point person on campus. Sometimes it was for personal coaching. Sometimes it was for reassurance. Sometimes it was for academic assistance. Sometimes it was for running interference with faculty.  We have been extremely happy with our experience. We can’t thank the Access program for all they have done to make college a positive experience. This comment applies to faculty and administration as well.     All in all, Access lived up to its reputation.”
Sarah A., parent of 2013 Lincoln College graduate 

“Our daughter had been to other programs at other schools and this is the first one she felt like the counselor was concerned for her success and she felt the one-on-one benefits.  Access was the key to our daughter graduating. We aren’t sure she could have made it without the program.”

Gary K. , parent of 2012 Lincoln College graduate


“It was the best help you could get when you come to college needing help. I would recommend it to kids who need extra help. The people who run the program are very nice and helpful, as well. “

2012-13 1st year Access student


 “The Access program gave me new ideas about studying and keeping my planner organized. My grades went from bad to excellent in my last year at LC in the Access program. I wish they had this at other colleges.”

 K.B., class of 2013