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All students with documented disabilities who are registered with the Office for Disability Services (ODS) have access to academic accommodations and services at no charge.  However, because the ACCESS Program is a comprehensive academic support program with more extensive services than general ODS accommodations, students pay an additional fee of $2,250 each semester they are enrolled in ACCESS.  The fee is charged to the student’s account during course registration, and it is non-refundable once the semester has begun, unless there are extenuating circumstances.  (In these instances, and at the sole discretion of the College, the ACCESS fee may be refunded in accordance with the general credit/refund policy as stated in the Undergraduate Catalog.)

Students are encouraged to register with the Illinois Department of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) to establish an Individualized Plan for Employment, and to discuss the availability of funding.  It is possible that funds may be available to offset some of the costs associated with attending post-secondary education, which may include the additional cost of the ACCESS program.

Students who open a case with DRS but who are unable to obtain funding may be eligible for a Lincoln College need-based grant to offset the cost of the program.  A limited number of grants are available each semester. Students applying for the grant must provide documentation that a case has been opened with DRS but no funding opportunities were available to the student at that time.  In addition, students must meet eligibility requirements set forth by the ACCESS program in order to retain the grant during subsequent enrollment periods. Failure to meet these requirements could result in loss of the grant.