Access Program

Lincoln College’s nationally recognized Access Program provides support to students who are diagnosed with ADHD or have a disability that impacts executive function.

The fee-based program’s success is founded on the establishment of a personal campus connection and the delivery of supportive, intense academic coaching to develop and encourage each student to become an independent, confident, and successful learner.

Students that participated in the Access Program for the 2018-2019 school year achieved an average GPA of over 2.84!

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Students who participate in Access work with an academic coach to develop skills and strategies that are essential to their academic success.  Access Coaches work with students to break down assignments, prioritize course work, organize materials, create daily or weekly to-do lists, explore new study strategies, and help students develop a planning and time management system that works for their individual needs.

In addition, Access Coaches work very closely with Lincoln College faculty to monitor the student’s progress and determine how best we can support the student in each of their classes. Coaches also work closely with the Academic Success Center to assist students in using one-on-one tutoring and the learning labs to the fullest extent.

To receive more information about the Access Program click here or contact the Coordinator,  Ms. Allyssa Schweisthal at or call at (217) 735-7335.